September 19, 2017

DJ Light Show

Often DJ Chris and I are asked about light shows for events….Whether it is a wedding or birthday party. Special Occasion Dj does offer light shows packages, but as a standard practice we don’t bring them to events. Then the inevitable next statements comes along “well so and so DJ brings lights to the show for no additional fee”. What we have come to find through market research is that yes, most of the local DJ’s do bring 1 to 3 lights to a show. We would gladly offer the same at no additional fee except we are also in honest in that our opinion is 1 to 3 lights is not a light show. So let’s us give some examples to review;


Now that is running just three of our lights….as you can see it does give off some light, but is relatively dark and not awe inspiring.


Now this is a view more lights and what we consider our basic light show….as you can see there is more lighting effects…light movement, etc.

Now this is our premium light package (and it is actually short 4 lights due to size constraints)
So as you can see there is a huge difference in what a light show entails……and what it brings to your party.

The Greenville Wedding Exposition

Today we are down at the Greenville Wedding Exposition, we have the booth setup, and are looking forward to meeting over 600 brides today. Today only, we have specials that include $50.00 off our fee reserve your date, $100 off our fee if you book your event (Have to leave a deposit), and a Door Prize of an additional $100 off an event and includes our basic light show…..For a total value of $275 off if your reserve your date and win the door prize, so be sure to visit us down in Greenville at the TD Convention Center.

The Asheville Wedding Festival

The mountains of Asheville are one of the premier wedding destinations in the southeast. That said January and February are a prime time to book everything wedding related from venues to disc jockeys, because things are booking up fast. The Asheville Wedding Festival is a prime example of that as 393 brides and over 900 guest came through the door Saturday to research many vendors.


We want to thank all the brides and guest who came through the doors of the events. Zondra, Chris, and I enjoyed meeting you and answering your questions. Overall we had a blast and look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.

If you have any questions about our services from music selection to web interactive planning tools……give us a call 🙂

Where we are at…The Asheville Wedding Festival

On Saturday January 14th 2012 the Wedding Festival will take place at the Asheville Civic Center from 9:30am to 3:00pm. There will be over 600 brides attending this festival to find that venue or entertainment company for their upcoming wedding. Special Occasion DJ’s is proud to be an entertainment company that will be advertising it’s service. Please come by our booth and say hi to myself,( DJJOE ) DJCHRIS. and Zondra from Zondra’s Photography. We will be glad to meet with you and give you some valued information to make your day easier.

Asheville Wedding Festival

On Saturday January 14th 2012 Special Occasion DJ’s participated in the Wedding Festival that took place at the Asheville Civic Center. There were 393 brides that attended and over 900 people total. There were over 100 vendors that participated. Special Occasion DJ’s is very happy to have shared its service to the brides, grooms, and parents that stopped by. We thank all that attended and look forward to Feb 4th 2012 at the TD Waterhouse Center in Greenville, SC

New Year’s

““The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul”

– G.K.Chesterton


New Year’s signifies so much for so many people….New Beginnings, the closing of old doors, new opportunities, and the chance to rebuild our souls. Special Occasion DJ is changing our soul for the New Year and our goal to be the premier wedding dj in the Asheville area. Part of that change is not just being the best Hendersonville area DJ company, but offering our clients a new array of services from disc jockeys to photographers. All of these services, including destination weddings, will be through our new full service event site Phenomenal Events. 

For Special Occasion DJ, we are proud to announce the new partnership with Chris Gagne and the union with his service The Music Man. This union brings together over 40 years of Disc Jockey experience ranging, from weddings to club shows, under one roof. How does that help you…..Nothing speaks louder in the DJ world than experience. We offer DJ’s that have seen it all…..from the perfect affair right on plan or saving a wedding that went way off plan. In conjunction with this new growth, Special Occasion is developing a partnership with Square 1 cafe on Main street in Hendersonville, NC were we will be providing New Year’s Eve entertainment from 9:30-12:30 and reoccurring shows through January.

We are also in the mist of revamping the Special Occasion DJ website including web based interactive tools for clients and their guests. Soon clients will be able to do their reception planning completely online through our website. Even better yet, guests to the wedding will be able to place music requests in advance of the event. All of this is to provide your wedding/party the best service.

For Phenomenal Events, The first big news is the creation of our website Phenomenal Events . Through this website you will be able to see Special Occasion DJ, Zondra’s Photography , use our event coordinating packages, purchase event supplies, and even book your honeymoon or destination wedding.

Zondra’s Photography is the first key team member to join the Phenomenal Events team. Zondra will be an integral part of not only the event photography part of, but also event coordination and bride helper.

Stay tuned for our New Year’s Changes 🙂