September 19, 2017

Bring the show on the road – St. Augustine Florida Style

“Thank you for all that you did in helping to make the March 10th Galvin-Vera wedding at Sanchez House in St. Augustine unforgettably successful.  Joe arrived early and set up his equipment.  He was professionally attired, eager and enthusiastic in providing whatever music and announcement services we desired, and played everything from pre-wedding, wedding march, conversational and dining music, segueing right into an evening of happy dancing.  The guests enjoyed the music, and the bride and groom pronounced his services “perfect.”  We all had a wonderful evening”

Special Occasions DJ service will gladly travel all along the east coast providing DJ services. Due to our progressive pricing strategies our clients find that after paying our standard packages fees and covering our traveling expenses we can very often be less expensive than local DJ’s in locations that are noted as being wedding destination areas.

So if you are planning a wedding in Charlotte, Washington D.C., or Florida……Feel free to call us for a quote. The worse than can happen is we cannot give you a competitive bid…..The best is that you find an incredible DJ service for a price better than you expected.

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